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INSTANT RECAP: A last minute redemption from suckitude.

With every advantage in the book against a one dimensional offense, OSU played the part, and a season that started with so much excitement looked to be quickly headed south.

Richard Rowe-USA TODAY Sports

An assist from the replay booth, then a 3 and out.

Two turnovers deep in Kansas State territory. Two helpless FG's. OSU never scared the end zone. Nobody was confident of anything else happening.

And when the Wildcats scored and converted for 2 points with a little over 6 minutes left, NOBODY....and I mean NOBODY...believed for one millisecond that the Cowboys would do anything that resembled a drive, as up to that point they had mustered less than 100 yds of offense in the second half.

Then Mike Yurcich found some napkins that Monken and Holgorsen had drawn some plays on, and Walsh basically said fuck you to all the Chelf lovers/Walsh haters as he led OSU down the field zip zip zip for a TD courtesy of his ARM.

Kansas State cooperated with a couple of late interceptions, one on which the Cowboys added a FG to provide some valuable cushion, the another to seal the deal.

There are no stats here, just wins. I'll throw up all over the stats in the morning.

Right now I'm headed out to drink myself into forgetting how bad OSU's offense looked, and how many blown coverages our secondary handed out.

A win is a win.

Oh....and here's hoping Ben Grogan learns how to kick the ball a "little" higher on those FG attempts...