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King and I both have Baylor and OU #1 and #2 respectively. Has it really come to this?

Sarah Glenn

King's trip down the Hall of Horrors...

1: Baylor- I still hate Dr. Pepper. And green. Also West Virginia scored 42 or some shit.

2: Oklahoma- Not quite as impressive a win over TCU, especially considering it was at home, but better than everybody below them. And even though all OU fans hate me (and I them,) those gold trimmed unis for this weekend are pretty sweet.

3: Texas Tech- I really figured they'd suck this year. Of course, I didn't think we would.

4: Oklahoma State- Only ranked here because of more conference wins than the people behind us (Except Texas, because they are about to suck Sooner ass). Awesome, now I refer to teams as people (Except Texas, which is the about to be the rented mule whipped by their daddy). Oh and if no one has started this, let me fire it up...#fireyurcich

5: Texas Christian- One long run away from being 2nd. Also learned the first rule of being in the Big 12. Every year somebody else is the best, but somehow OU always wins. Enjoy hating them though, it's easy.

6: Texas- My heart tells me they'll lose by 50. My head says they've never lost by that much three times in a row before. Hmmm, but they'll still lose (see #4). Smile for Daddy...

7: Kansas State- Sams is a shittier Walsh. Damn.

8: West Virginia- How long ago was that Orange Bowl win?

9: Kansas- So,

10: Iowa State- Oh and,

Go Pokes

And here's my...well...I just don't know if I can go on...

1. Baylor...I'm really not liking transitive properties right now. Can we switch and play them in Waco? That would make the 60+ points they will assuredly put on the board a little more palatable....

2. Oklahoma...Not necessarily looking all that much better than anybody else, but they are winning games.

3. Texas Tech...It's looking like a showdown in Norman of 2 undefeated teams at the end of October. Apparently Kingsbury's magic with the ladies is "rubbing off"  on the team.

4. TCU...0-2 in the conference and I'm ranking them ahead of OSU.

5. Texas...The Longhorns suck, Mack is done, and I'm ranking them ahead of OSU. How can a team that is 2-0 in the Big 12 be this bad? Easy...they needed minor miracles to beat KState and Iowa State.

6. OSU...The only reason I am ranking them above West Virginia is that they don't have 2 losses in the Big 12...yet... This group might as well be from Missouri because they will have to show me something before they get ranked higher than this anytime soon. (see what I did there?)

7-9. KState, West Va, Iowa St...this is a mongolian cluster fuck of bad football, and Kansas is still worse than this. Still not confident OSU won't lose to two of these teams.

10. Kansas...see above.