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WEEK 12 BIG 12 POWER POLL: Finally, a LITTLE clarity...

The top half of the league has solidified....we think...while the bottom half still needs to figure out who's the worst.


King's thoughts...

1: Baylor- You wouldnt expect a religious school to have such dirty players. But then again this is Baylor, I think it's required there.

2: Texas- Survived Morgantown. More than I can say about us.

3: Oklahoma State- I enjoy complaining about 36 point victories.

4: Kansas State- So glad we already played them.

5: Oklahoma- All those fans calling for Bell last year, wonder if they miss Landry now?

6: Texas Tech- Been a rough 3 weeks in Lubbock.

7: West Virginia- Got some life about em. Maybe Dana can coach a bit after all. Though they did still lose.

8: Texas Christian- I expected more from you, horned frogs. Disappointing.

9: Kansas- The epic battle for last concludes in a couple weeks.

10: Iowa State- Yeah.

Robert's "opinion"...

1. Baylor...They keep winning, and every week we claim they have yet to play anyone significant. That excuse will be gone in a couple of weeks.

2. Texas...Survived Dana's magic in Morgantown, and Mack is one game closer to being impossible to fire.

3. Oklahoma clearly the third best team, if only because they haven't lost to Texas AND Baylor....yet....

4. clearly the fourth best team, if only because they HAVE lost badly to Texas AND Baylor. Oh yea, and you're still ranked ahead of Texas in every major poll. THAT'S what I call "Sooner Magic."

5. Kansas State...What?

6. Texas Tech...Let's hope Kliff's "equipment" does not simulate the performance of his football team.

7. TCU/West Virginia...Mountaineers have a chance to separate here, as Kansas is just what the doctor ordered after a draining, emotional OT home loss to Texas. TCU gets the pleasure of traveling to the Den of Snyder.

9. Kansas/Iowa State...just like the top of the league, these two juggernauts will face off for ownership of the basement on Nov 23. I'm actually looking forward to it.