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PREDICTION TIME: Oklahoma State at Texas

Whetsell is standing in for Schultz this week. Have at it boyeeeeezzzzzzz.....

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

1. Total points in the first quarter?

2. Who has more rushing touchdowns...Bergeron or Roland?

3. Which is higher...McCoy completions or Chelf incompletions?

4. Who has more....Mike Davis TD receptions or Justin Gilbert PI penalties?

5. Which is higher...Chelf interceptions or OSU sacks of McCoy?

6. Does Glidden have a punt return longer than 10 yards?

7. O/U on Chelf completion %...52...

8. Who has more rushing yards...Clint Chelf or Daje Johnson?

9. O/U on Colt McCoy mentions...5...

10. Is the first video image of the game intro going to be "fumblegate?"

11. Prop bet...the first time they show Bevo, will he be standing or lying down?

12. Chances Texas benefits from a bullshit Big 12 officiating call in the last 2 minutes of the game?

13. Final Score?

14. OSU MVP?