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OKLAHOMA STATE vs TEXAS: Simple Analysis

Not only have these two teams had 5 common opponents, but also 4 common venues. Let's explore.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

We'll toss out TCU, as Texas traveled for that one and OSU got the Frogs in Stillwater.

Kansas, Iowa State, West Virginia, and Kansas State were not only common opponents, but both teams played each of these teams in the same venue, that is either home or away.

Common denominators make for great statistical comparison. I could easily go nuts, but let's keep it simple for now.

Here are the average offensive stats for those 4 common opponents/venues:

3RD DOWNS 19-61 (31.1%) 35-74 (47.3%)
TOT YDS 385.5 YPG 417 YPG
PASSING 229.8 YPG 237.3 YPG
COMP % 48.4 63.3
YPC/YPA 12.4/6 10/6.3
RUSHING 155.8 YPG 179.8 YPG
AVG/RUSH 4.4 4.5

In total offense, the Longhorns average 5.4 ypp...OSU 5.2 ypp.

Interestingly enough, Texas averaged almost 4 more plays per game on offense (77.8 vs 74). As far as points per game (regulation only)

-OSU 38.5
-Texas 34.3

If you take all points and plays, the average offensive points per play are

-OSU 0.52
-Texas 0.46

I realize I'm lumping in special teams points in this number, but I'm looking for any advantage I can for the Cowboys' offense, and the Longhorns have a great FG kicker, so it all equals out. Shut up.

As for the defenses

3RD DOWNS 22-74 (29.7%) 30-68 (44.1%)
TOT YDS 346.5 YPG 389.5 YPG
PASSING 204.5 YPG 248.3 YPG
COMP % 46.7 56
YPC/YPA 11.5/5.4 15.3/8.6
AVG/RUSH 3.3 3.3

For total defense, OSU allows an average of 4.7 ypp...Texas 5.4 ypp.

Both defenses face a similar # of plays per game (OSU 73.5 vs Texas 71.8). Points per game in regulation:

-OSU 23
-Texas 26

All points and plays, average points allowed per play

-OSU 0.31
-Texas 0.36

This should be a pretty damn close game based on these basic numbers. Relatively speaking, Texas' strength is it's offense, while OSU's strength is it's defense. Strength against strength, weakness against weakness.

Let's hope the Big 12 officials leave their egos and stupidity at the gate.