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INSTANT RECAP: Oklahoma State 38, Texas 13

CHOO CHOO! All Aboard, as the Pokes erase all doubt if they are a Big 12 contender or not.

Stacy Revere

Texas' game plan was clear, ground and pound. Our ability to answer and put up points forced Texas to put the ball in the air. Justin Gilbert and Caleb Lavey were more than happy to take advantage, picking off Case McCoy 3 times to put the game away.

Clint Chelf was dominate early. He showed his "getting away from the cops" speed by marching the Cowboys down the field to draw first blood. Chelf rushed for 95 yards on the day.

Today's game erases any lingering doubts on who the starting QB should be.

The defense stepped up in a big way. Gilbertized is a thing now. Justin Gilbert's pick 6 before the half all but cemented the game for OSU.

This was unquestionably the best win of the season so far.

Receivers also stepped up big. Texas scored a TD to pull within 4, and was building momentum. OSU answered with a 24 yard pass to Charlie Moore, a huge 3rd down catch by Jhajuan Seales, and an impressive tip-drill-TD catch by Tracy Moore to go up 21-10.

I'll have more on the game tomorrow once I've had a better chance to analyze the game. A Baylor win tonight against Texas Tech guarantees ESPN College GameDay will come to Stillwater for an epic match-up next Saturday.