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Oklahoma State - Memphis GameThread: Get Outta Your Mind

This is big time. Let's hope Iba's House of Horrors lives up to its name.

I can't quit you, Brandon.
I can't quit you, Brandon.
Joe Robbins

Here we go.

The biggest game in Gallagher-Iba Arena history probably since Henry Iba was coaching in Stillwater. The students need to be loud and rowdy, Marcus Smart, Markel Brown and LeBryan Nash need to be playing some of their best ball, MASON COX NEEDS TO DUNK IT LIKE SIX TIMES!!!......

Okay, so maybe I'm getting carried away. Point is, this game is huge. This will prove whether the Pokes are ready or not to compete with the best teams in the country. Here's to hoping The Rowdiest Arena in the Country returns in full force to let the college basketball world know the Cowboys are back.