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Prediction Time! OSU vs. Baylor

Make your predictions for the OSU-Baylor game.

Corso is going to pick the pokes
Corso is going to pick the pokes

Can Saturday get here any faster? I'm so ready for College Gameday, the largest crowd T. Boone Pickens Stadium has ever seen, and a top 10 matchup. I am very nervous for this game though. Baylor is really, really good, and this game has major BCS let's make some picks!

1. Final score?

2. O/U Bryce Petty passing yards at 335?

3. Yards per carry for OSU?

4. Number of Baylor turnovers?

5. O/U on Roland TD's at 2

6. Temperature at kickoff?

7. Number of rush attempts for Chelf?

8. How many tackles for loss will OSU get?

9. Will OSU have a special teams TD or a pick 6? If yes, name some names, please.

10. OSU MVP? Let's see some stats

11. Will Gundy be "tucked in?"

Bonus: OSU ranking after this game?

Bonus #2: Who will be OSU's guest picker for College Gameday?

Bonus #3: Will Corso be putting on Pistol Pete's head?

Go Pokes!