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BAYLOR - OKLAHOMA STATE RECAP: The Bears have a football devil

And his name is Claud. Between Claud and the Gundy/Yurcich Badger, Baylor received an old fashioned, behind the woodshed ass whooping. A Bedlam victory in two weeks gives OSU a 2nd Big 12 championship in 3 years.

Richard Rowe-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry for the lateness of this recap, but there are just so many different ways to go with this.

Baylor discovers they have a football devil.

Gundy doesn't tuck in.

Gundy and Yurcich opened up the playbook for trick plays, dialing up 3 beauties, with 2 of them resulting in big gains that lead to TD's. Personally, the flea flicker doesn't even feel that "tricky" anymore.

Glenn Spencer is my coach of the year. Period.

How long ago does that loss to West Virginia seem?

Given how the schedule lays out, depending on how other conference championship games play out, if OSU wins Bedlam they could easily be in the top 5 of the BCS.


About a month ago, CRFF sent contributor Steve Dodson to Ames, Iowa for an exclusive interview with our very own sports devil, Squinky. Near the end of the interview, Squinky made a pretty strong statement about why Baylor doesn't have a sports devil.

Turns out Squinky doesn't know everything.

Bryce Petty, meet Claud, Baylor's very own hope killing football demon...

And a couple of plays later, we meet James Castleman, slapjack champion...

Here's a closer look...

And in case there was any doubt as to the existence of an evil being lurking in Waco...

BTW...Tyler Patmon, I'll bet this is a tiny bit different than playing for Kansas, yes?

As for the playcalling, I'm still infuriated at those sweeps, but a couple did go for positive yardage (oh my!). Never mind those plays, however, as Gundy and Yurcich trotted out the trickeration express, employing the usual flea flicker (incomplete), a WR pass between the Moore twins, and a WR throwback from Stewart to Chelf that almost went the distance.

As for this play with a little over 3 minutes left, up 42-10, this is either Gundy or Yurcich Badger hard at work:

The offense did their part, running effectively. If you take out Chelf's sacks and the kneel downs, the Cowboys ran 35 times for 180 yards, a little over 5 ypc.

Chelf's legs were not a factor, but his arm was, well, shall we say Weeden-esque? Choo Choo torched the Baylor secondary, completing his first 12 attempts for 238 yds. His 12th was an absolute "seed" to Charlie Moore for a TD, who is having an incredible 2nd half of the season. Chelf ended up 19-25 for 370 and 3 TD's (14.8 ypa and 19.5 ypc), resulting in his highest completion % of the last two seasons. Including the trick plays, the Cowboys were 21-27 for 440 yards (16.3 ypa and 21 ypc).

It was great to see Josh Stewart make a meaningful contribution. We didn't see much of Gilbert, as they limited his snaps and took him off kick return duty. Our one good glimpse didn't look good as he fell down in coverage on a TD that was waived off due to a Baylor penalty.

But THE game ball goes to Glenn Spencer and company.

After 3 quarters, the Bears had 3 points and less than 300 yards of offense. Wow. In that respect, this performance was very reminiscent of the 2011 contest, except that this time Baylor couldn't do anything. If you remember, Bob had his way with the OSU defense that day, other than those 5 pesky turnovers. This time their drive chart for the first three quarters looked like this...

15:00 1 02:31 BAY 25 8 27 Punt
08:08 1 01:33 BAY 47 7 45 Fumble
03:07 1 01:50 BAY 15 3 -5 Punt
12:17 2 01:13 BAY 12 3 5 Punt
08:47 2 02:27 BAY 20 9 39 Punt
04:28 2 01:32 BAY 20 3 -8 Punt
01:16 2 01:03 BAY 17 6 71 Field Goal Good
13:23 3 01:37 BAY 40 5 42 Turnover on Downs
10:10 3 00:41 BAY 36 3 18 Fumble
08:08 3 02:31 BAY 31 9 24 Turnover on Downs
04:04 3 01:46 BAY 20 8 48 Turnover on Downs

They did have a drive that started near the end of the 3rd quarter that resulted in a TD in the 4th. Can't say enough about the job Spencer has done this season.

Gundy pulled out all the stops, going with the absolutely awesome Phantom Pete black hoodie pullover, AND DIDN'T TUCK IT IN.

He was definitely trolling (I wonder if he even knows what that means?).

Now for the surreal...

A victory in Bedlam in two weeks could result in a top 5 BCS ranking.

The team that lost to the team that got thrashed by Kansas is that close to what would be college football PLAYOFF CONTENTION if this was next season.


Is Gundy the man or what???

How about we just nip the predictable shit in the bud right now...MIKE GUNDY ISN'T GOING ANYWHERE. The person I'm concerned about leaving is Spencer.

The atmosphere in Stillwater Bar & Grill was as electric as that inside BPS. Great little pub that has totally embraced the OSU family.

Thank heavens our boys have a chance to rest. The last two weeks have been intense, so I'm sure it will do them all some good to let the nicks and bruises take a week off.

What a week, what a game.