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WEEK 14 BIG 12 POWER POLL: Baylor Busted

Unfortunately for Baylor, you can only go so long in a season before you have to play somebody worthwhile.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Without further ado, let the Cowboys ascend to their rightful position....

King, take it away-

1: Oklahoma State- It's important to be gracious in victory and defeat. As such I only have the following to say....SUCK IT BAYLOR HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

2: Baylor- I believe you got turnt down.

3: Oklahoma- Have a more recent W than Tejas. Though they lost to Texas. Who lost to us. Who lost to West Virginia. Who beat Texas. Who lost to BYU. Who lost to Utah.Who beat Stanford. Who beat Oregon. Who lost to Arizona. Who beat UTSA. Who lost to us but beat Tulsa. Who lost to OU and Rice. Who lost to Texas A&M. Who lost to Auburn. Who beat Georgia. Who lost to Clemson. Who lost to Florida State. So basically somehow OU is beneath every team I just mentioned yet still above Texas in my power poll.

4: Texas- A game against Tech should get Texas winning again.

5: Kansas State- So it gets rough below 4th in this conference.

6: Texas Tech- That feeling when 7-0 turns into 7-4. That's Tech football.

7: Texas Christian- Who won't make a bowl game.

8: West Virginia- How did we lose this game?

9: Iowa State- Well I'll be damned, they're back on top......of Kansas.

10: Kansas- You had a good thing going. Then it stopped.

The old man is feelin a little wordy today....

1. Oklahoma State...after this power poll, I couldn't imagine OSU being back in this position. The fact is that the Cowboys have thrashed the two teams who would claim to be the tops in the league two weeks in a row in prime time, and are now a Bedlam victory away from claiming their 2nd Big 12 title and BCS bowl bid in the last 3 years. I'm still somewhat speechless from Saturday night.

2. Baylor...we've said all along, wait until they play somebody. Welp, they played somebody, and that ass got beat but good. BPS is not an easy place to play when your program is not ready for the big time. Still a fair amount better than anybody else in the conference, and could still land an at large BCS bid.

3. Texas...Remember that face Mack made when Gilbert went streaking down the sideline for his pick 6? Imagine that vs Baylor in Waco. So long Mack.

4. Oklahoma...There's a reason you're here. You got your ass beat by the two teams in front of you, who got their asses whipped by the team at the top. Transitive properties can be a bitch sometimes.

5. Kansas State...All that Snyder magic couldn't handle a Sooner team that seems to have figured something out for the moment. Still, the Wildcats are clearly in the top half of the league as far as I'm concerned.

6. Texas Tech...What started out with such promise has came crashing down. Sounds just like 2012. Texas is up next, and you could beat them if you can keep from getting run over.

7. West Virginia/TCU...WV, you don't get 7th by yourself because you lost to Kansas. TCU, you don't get ranked above a team you lost to. Notice that I'm only holding you to that obvious double standard, but we allowed cuz we da badest ass in the class.

9. Kansas/Iowa State...Kansas, you don't get ranked last all alone because you actually beat someone other than Iowa State for your only win. Cyclones, you don't get #9 by yourself because the only team you beat was Kansas.