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WHAT WE LEARNED: OSU Loves the Big Stage!

Baylor is for real (stop laughing, I'm serious), Squinky may have relatives, and is there anything Marcus Smart can't do? are some of the things we learn in this week's edition of Cowboys Ride For Free: What We Learned.

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Every week I will round up thoughts and insights from the CRFF staff about the current state of OSU and the Big 12, but we want to hear from you as well. Have something to say? Tweet us your comments using #CRFFWhatWeLearned. The best tweets will get posted, so be sure to come back and see if you made the list!

Squinky or Claud?

Robert pondered if Baylor has their own football devil, a cousin to our very own Squinky. He even has a name, Claud, but like Lee Corso on College GameDay, "Not so fast".

The stumble and fumble reminds me of another play in Bedlam, 2011. Both were night games in Stillwater with everything on the line. No, I don't think it was Claud. Could it be that Squinky is like an older brother? He loves to embarrass OSU, but if someone else tries to pick on the Pokes, he'll be there to take care of them?

Decide for yourself, Let me know what you think in the comments.

Tyler Patmon

The Stumble & Fumble, Clint Chelf, Kye Staley, and Caleb Lavey are all going to get a lot of attention following this win, deservingly so, but I have to shine some of the spotlight on Tyler Patmon.

This was, without a doubt, the biggest game of his career. Let me put this in perspective. The Kansas transfer has experienced more wins this season than his entire career as a Jayhawk. He's never played in a bowl game, nevermind a top 10 showdown on primetime TV. On a national stage Patmon didn't disappoint.

Baylor took the opening kick with every intention of punching the Cowboys in the mouth early. It was clear, Briles wanted to beat the Cowboys mentally, and take the crowd out of the game. It might of worked. Especially, if Gundy going for it on 4th-down on the Pokes side of the field indicates he thought they had to score every drive. But as the rasp in my voice two days later testifies, Baylor failed. They didn't take the crowd of the game, and they certainly didn't get in OSU's head. That's all in thanks to Tyler Patmon.

The Bears took the ball and marched 30 yards right down the field on the opening drive. They methodically picked the defense apart down to the OSU 45 yard line. That's when the Round Rock, TX native made his presence felt.

On 1st-down Patmon made a great tackle in space allowing only a couple of yards on the play.

On 2nd-Down Tyler came up with a monster stop. It forced Baylor to 3rd and long, which ultimately killed the drive.

The Stumble & Fumble gets the credit for being the defining moment early in the game. After all, It ended up being a 14 point swing. But it was Tyler Patmon who let Baylor know they weren't going to be able to impose their will on the Cowboys.

Patmon had a monster game all night, and the football gods rewarded him with a Scoop-N-Score. My feel good moment of the game.

When you dominate on all sides of the ball like Oklahoma State did Saturday night there are unsung heroes all around. Tell us who caught your eye in the comments.

Thoughts from the CRFF staff

Robert Whetsell
  • OU is scared. They're already trotting out all the reasons they are still a better program than OSU.
  • Nothing is more reliable than Baylor in Boone Pickens Stadium.
Hatco Cowboy
  • Glenn Spencer is the man!
Cory Treece
  • Chelf has Brandon Weeden's arm on loan for the rest of the season.
Cade Webb
  • Baylor is still every bit as good as advertised.
  • If Oklahoma State plays like they did Saturday, the conference championship is ours.

The Best of Twitter: #CRFFWhatWeLearned

Wow, what a prediction!

Hahaha, about sums it up

I think many Cowboy and Baylor fans a like learned this

Shh, don't let Thayer Evans hear you.

Tag Line of the year?

From the weather to dashing National Title hopes, this is true

Sat next to him at the game. Great guy, but Baylor is legit. You don't get to the top 10 by accident. Well, not unless you're Texas Tech that is.

Oklahoma State Hoops: OSU vs Memphis

How great was this?

Yes, yes he does. Dare we say NCAA Player of the Year?

I'd say OSU passed with flying colors

Why today is very sad - Stevie Clark Suspended

My Final Thoughts

You know you're getting old when it takes a full day to recover from being a spectator.

Baylor Hate Week aside, the Bears are a great football team with a phenomenal coach. Like it or not, they're a contender and they're here to stay. After all, we wouldn't rag on them if we weren't a little bit scared of them. I wish them luck the rest of the way.

I'll leave you with this

What did you learn from this week?
Remember to tweet us your insights after the game using #CRFFWhatWeLearned. The best ones will get posted!