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UPDATE: Travis Ford speaks about Clark's absence from the team.

Ford now says it was due to "personal matters," and his return is unknown.

Stevie Clark, has been one of Travis Ford's key backups this season for the Cowboys.
Stevie Clark, has been one of Travis Ford's key backups this season for the Cowboys.
Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

*********12/4 UPDATE by Robert Whetsell***********

Not sure this really cleared anything up...

*********11/26 UPDATE by Robert Whetsell**********

Travis Ford released a statement essentially confirming that Stevie Clark is indefinitely "suspended" from the team. That term is not being used, but practically speaking that is what's happening. Here's Kelly Hines quote of Ford...

We obviously still don't know the details behind what brought this on, other than speculation, but it doesn't take a lot to surmise that it is of a serious nature.

The scene got interesting today as Clark's mother went on WWLS - "The Sports Animal" with Jim Traber to take issue with his comments. During the interview she defended Clark as a good kid and said he would have to deal with her when he got home, but then questioned the punishment handed out by Ford as being too harsh.

Stay tuned for more details.


Oklahoma State point guard Stevie Clark has been suspended from the team. The team is currently in Tampa as they play South Florida at 6 p.m. tonight. The incident in question, according to sources, is drug-related. Clark has been a key part to the Cowboys success this season as he has not only given star guard Marcus Smart rest, but has also been having substantial production on the floor. Clark was Oklahoma's Mr. Basketball for 2013 and was one of the most highly recruited players in his 2013 class. If the assertions of these claims are true then this will be a major hit for the Cowboys and will open a void in the lineup. Clark according to sources has also skipped drug tests and has been sent home from practice due to temper. Check back with Cowboys Ride For Free as we continue to release more details as they come along.