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COWBOYS HANGOUT FOR FREE: Baylor Review & Hoops Nonsense

David Ubben of Fox Sports was kind enough to join us about half way through, but I don't know if anyone cares because we were also joined by the legendary author of PFJ's...KING!!!

Thanks again to David for "hanging" with us. If you are not already following David on Twitter, here you go...

This is how we will be doing this going forward, as it's really easy to setup and even easier to post. Thanks for your patience at the beginning as we had some "mic" issues for Cory and King.

Also, once we all get the "hang" of it, it's really easy for you to interact with us LIVE with comments or questions.

We obviously reviewed Baylor, discussed Bedlam, as well as Baylor/Texas, and covered a bit of the news today about Stevie Clark.

Enjoy everyone!