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Oklahoma State Myth Busters - Texas Tech Edition

Win or loose we still booze - AND THIS TIME WE WON BITCHES!

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I'm only tackling one Myth tonight. One, because the Missus is passed out in the other room and two because I should be too.

Myth: Texas Tech could win the Big 12

"At the beginning of the year, so many people thought we were foolish and didn’t know why we were thinking that," Amaro said. "Every week, we have a point to prove. Like you said, Oklahoma and Baylor are the favorites. We’re getting put to the side. We’re going to go out there every single week like we’ve got something to prove. Eventually, we’re going to meet up with those guys."

via ESPN - Texas Tech Confident Run At Big 12 Title Is Next

"What makes the Red Raiders the favorites to win the Big 12 though is their schedule in the second half of the season. Texas Tech has just five games left after starting the season 7-0. They have two home games against Oklahoma State and K-State, while they hit the road to face Oklahoma, Baylor and Texas."

via Why Texas Tech Will Win The Big 12

"They’re coming back home to play against a team that’s really embarrassed you the last two years, to put it bluntly," Kingsbury said. "I don’t think there should be any problem getting them motivated to play this game."

via No. 15 Texas Tech Hosts No. 18 Oklahoma State in BIG 12 Battle

OSU WINS 52-34