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WHAT WE LEARNED: How to stuff a tortilla

CRFF's new weekly roundup of observations from special guests, CRFF staff, and the best of Twitter. Have an insight you want to share? Tweet us using the hashtag #CRFFWhatWeLearned. The best ones will get posted!

John Weast

OSU is a contender, the receivers stepped up, and Chelf has some speed, are some of the things we learn in this week's edition of Cowboys Ride For Free: What We Learned.

Many thanks to our guests this week!

Kevin McGuire, writer for NBC's College Football Talk, and No Two Minute Warning

Kyle Porter, writer for Pistols Firing Blog, and CBS Sports Eye On Golf

Thoughts from the CRFF staff

Robert Whetsell
  • Texas Tech is once again NOT a contender for the title.
Cory Treece
  • Chelf realized he needed to up his game so he went HAM tonight in order to triple his coed count
Tyler Ames
  • Tyler Patmon is, and will be, a huge part of this defense down the stretch.
Cade Webb
  • OSU can win this conference.
  • The offense has found out what works and have executed nearly perfectly.
Steve Dodson
  • Game wasn't as close as the score, and the score wasn't close
Taylor York
  • Gundy won't (and shouldn't) pull the QB after 2 INT's if he can average 14.7 yards per run.
Hatco Cowboy
  • Oklahoma State may have found its identity and the Clint Chelf train doesn't want to be derailed just yet.
Chris Ross
  • Still don't know anything about the kicking game. Doink!

Best of Twitter: #CRFFWhatWeLearned

This will be key to making a run for the Big 12 Title

Gotta love Tracy Moore


Huge confidence boost


"Win or lose, we still booze" - CRFF

They really did


The play calling has definitely improved


Agreed, but what was with Stewart taking handoffs?


Run like you stole it


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