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It was an eventful day, from Ann Arbor to Auburn, Ft Worth to Columbia. Most of it was the best, but one particular event was the worst.

Michael Chang

Woeful Michigan, at home, takes the #3 team in the country, hated rival Ohio State, to the brink, falling short when a two point conversion attempt to win the game was intercepted by the Buckeyes.

We were all paying attention.

Missouri, formerly of the Big 12, breaks off a long TD run late to secure the win against aTm (also formerly of the Big 12) and the SEC West title

They will face Auburn, who shocked the world with this, the most unlikely of plays:

And this...

Then there was Baylor at TCU.

The Bears, coming off a complete ass whipping at the hands of our Cowboys last Saturday on national TV, needed to show some resilience, some familiarity with the juggernaut that was the undefeated Baylor team that tore through the season and the Big 12 prior to the debacle in Stillwater.

That didn't happen. In fact, if not for two HORRIBLE TCU turnovers, Briles' Bears would have gone down to consecutive defeats. But that is football, every play counts.

Horned Frogs' coach Gary Patterson didn't take to kindly to this:



This was Patterson's reaction to that play and what apparently transpired after, according to Fox Sports' David Ubben:

I've watched Dixon. I don't like how he plays. It's one thing to play tough. It's a whole other thing to play to try to hurt other players, and there's no question in my mind that's what he is trying to do.

If I'm his coach, I don't want to take away his toughness, but I want him to respect the other players. Dixon has no respect.

Patterson is upset after a difficult loss, capping off a disappointing season.

But I completely understand his response to Briles.

As a coach, the first thing I would have said was something apologetic about the hit. I don't want kids to get hurt.

But Briles is ok with what happened. I'm pretty convinced of it.

This is my opinion. Nothing more.

This is why I don't like Baylor's athletic programs, because stuff like this comes from above. Somebody upstairs makes a decision that this is ok if we want to win big games. I'm just going to leave it at that. Don't want to say anything completely inappropriate here. I get how Briles might be feeling with the recent loss of his brother.

I'm with Patterson on this one.

So now it's down to Dec 7. Oklahoma State's task is and you're in.

Today's results insure that, should OSU win Bedlam, they will "share" the title with either Baylor or Texas.

Given that, here's a poll question....