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Nissan Heisman House Tour Hits Stillwater: Ticket Contest

Want to meet Barry Sanders and win a pair of tickets to Saturdays game against Kansas? Then you're in the right place.

He's not Barry Sanders, but he's damn good.
He's not Barry Sanders, but he's damn good.
John Weast

Two thousand, eight hundred, and fifty yards. Thirty seven touchdowns. One Heisman Trophy.

Yes, we are indeed talking about the indomitable Barry Sanders. In 1988 Barry Sanders had the single greatest season in college football history, and brought Oklahoma State it's only Heisman Trophy. He had simply too many amazing plays that season to even try to list them all here, but for a quick refresher I'll leave you this video:

Get chills? I did, plus many other feelings I can't list here. Now let me ask you a question? Do you want to meet Barry Sanders? Do you want to meet him Saturday? Do you want to pose with the Heisman Trophy? Do you want to spend the pregame hours in the Nissan VIP tent? How about checking out the new Nissan Rouge? How about an autograph from Sanders, sound good? Oh, and would you like to see the Cowboys stomp Kansas? Well then it's good you're here.

PLEASE NOTE: The event featuring Barry Sanders is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. VIP passes entitle the winner to access Nissan's hospitality tent where plenty of free food and drink will be available prior to the game.

The next stop on the Nissan Heisman House Tour is Stillwater Oklahoma, and they want to see you. Nissan, the long time sponsor of the Heisman trophy wants to give you two tickets to Saturday's game, as well as passes to the Nissan VIP hospitality tent. As a certain local sports radio personality would say, this is big league folks. When Robert hooked me up with the details, I tried to figure out a way for me to get in on this, something like "See the Game with King Contest," but alas, rules are rules. Speaking of rules, how do you get in on this contest? I'll tell you.

First, you must be one or more of the following: A Twitter follower, have liked us on Facebook, have followed us on Google+, or be a member of the site. Remember, you only have to be one of those, but why only be one? That's lame. I suggest doing all four.

Second, be ready to do some work. When we put out the order, you need to be fast. You need to be one of the first 25 people to:

On Twitter, retweet our tweet with the hashtag #BarrySandersGOAT

On Facebook and Google+, type #BarrySandersGOAT in a comment to the post

And finally on the website (here, duh) type the comment #BarrySandersGOAT

Thats it, simply be one of the first 25 on any platform (or all four if you're quick) and your in. We will then randomly draw a winner. The contest will begin around 8pm Central on Tuesday (11/5/2013). The winner will be notified Wednesday. Now I know all of you are thinking about cheating on Twitter, but remember we can see what time you tweeted. Also you need our original Tweet, so don't cheat, we're not Goons.

Did I miss anything? Yes I did. While your here, how about posting your favorite Barry Sanders memory in the comment section below. The person with the best comment there will win nothing, but my admiration.  I'll leave you with this, we all know Barry Sanders was the Greatest Of All Time, and it's really not that close.

Go Pokes