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Gundy's Getting Rich Per USA Today

Our Man has taken us from a doormat to a Big 12 Conference power. That's good, because he's being compensated like it.

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Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

USA Today released their annual list of coaches salaries, which you can see here and it’s either a glorious monument to the power of capitalism or a horrendous display of misplaced priorities when kids in Oregon just got in trouble for selling their own gear. I guess it depends on how you chose to look at it.

Either way, Coach Gundy comes in at number 11 with $3.45 million dollars this year. After taxes it’s only like 2.4 though right? He ranks third in the Big 12 behind Mack Brown at Texas and Bob Stoops. He's just ahead of Steve Spurrier overall. Pretty good company career wise.

I'd say in the current economics of the sport, he's being compensated fairly. What are your thoughts? Add a comment, or sign up and start a Fan Post.