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Mike Yurcich Will Start Against KU

Mike Yurcich officially named the starting offensive coordinator for Saturday's game against Kansas. Media urges him to begin growing a beard.

Mark Nolan

[Stillwater, OK] In a surprise announcement, head coach Mike Gundy has named Mike Yurcich the starting offensive coordinator for Saturday's game against Kansas.  Prior to today's press conference, Yurcich had been mysteriously listed on the depth-chart with an "or" designation following his name.  When asked about the reason for revealing his play-calling strategy, Mike Gundy responded, "On the road against Texas Tech, I thought it was important to make their defense prepare for two or more coordinators.  But Mike has continued to improve and he's had a strong week of practice."  When pressed further by the lone reporter still covering his press conferences, Gundy repeatedly denied the suggestion his team might be overlooking Kansas. "His [Yurcich's] attitude, his coaching, his teaching, his composure, has been good," Gundy said. "And his game-day management, play-calling, has been really good."  Gundy continued, "I feel better about him now than when we started on Aug. 4 or 5. He has got a long way to go, but I like his demeanor and work ethic."

Speaking of Yurcich's backup signal callers, Gundy reiterated his expectation that they all be ready to go "at a moment's notice."  Gundy, however, remained coy about the details of his conversations with the three assistants and two donors Yurcich replaced.  "I would never talk about anything about that," Gundy said. "That's kind of a private matter...We have to make decisions, and we've made a decision that LEGO guy [Yurcich] is going to be the starter."

At the conclusion of the press conference, Gundy also announced new restrictions on media access to coaches.  In a thinly veiled nod to North Korea's Kim Jong Un, first-year coaches without facial hair will not be available to the media until after the conclusion of the NBA finals.   Media members who complain or attempt to circumvent this new policy face the revocation of their press credentials and reassignment to a labor camp in Norman.