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Questions With The Enemy: Kansas Edition

Another week, another round of questions, this time with the Kansas Jayhawks.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

This week we have Owen with us from the awesome Kansas blog Rock Chalk Talk. Here we go:

BK: From what I've seen, the Jayhawks have kept games close and hung tough early, but then faltered down the stretch. Why do you think this is happening?

Owen: I think it's probably a combination of that initial will to prove people wrong combined with the opponents not really coming into the game very motivated because they and everyone else feels like Kansas is a pushover.  I think after that initial shock of a game being a little closer teams tend to rally, realize they can put Kansas away if they just play with a normal level of intensity and then Kansas doesn't respond in the same manner.  It's ugly up here.

BK: How happy are Kansas fans with Weis, and how much longer does he get, especially at his salary?

We're still paying Turner Gill.  I've got to think we're still looking at a year, maybe two with Weis before we move on.  It's seriously ugly up here.

BK: Here's and old standby, but who are some Kansas players Cowboy fans should worry about?

James Sims, Tony Pierson, Darrian Miller.  Three RB's, all capable of doing damage, but I'm not sure it matters because we can't throw the football and our offensive line is pretty bad so we're predictable and not real difficult to figure out.

BK: How pumped are you for basketball season? I'm pumped.

Pumped to say the least.  We don't have football to keep us distracted.  We've tried for several years after that great Orange Bowl season, but even the most optimistic and positive of us are now resigning to the fact that this thing is broken in terms of football.  Basketball is going to be great.  We have as much talent as I've seen on a Bill Self team during his tenure.  It's very young of course and that's where the question marks lie.  How does this group come together?  How do they develop?  The two games against the Cowboys are going to be epic I think.  It's going to be a fun year to watch unfold and the fun part of a young team like this is the ride along the way and seeing them go through the good and the bad and hopefully come out with some nice accomplishments along the way.

BK: Game prediction?

Oklahoma State will likely manage Kansas much the same way Baylor did.  Score plenty, leave Kansas in the dust.  Cowboys 50+, Kansas under 17.  That's the prediction.   Did I mention it's ugly up here?

I'd like to thank Owen from over at Rock Chalk Talk for answering some questions for us, remember to have a beer with any Kansas fans you see this weekend. Cause we love beer, and they need a beer. Until basketball starts.

Go Pokes