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Kansas Offensive Preview: 'W' Stands for Weis, Not Wins

Kansas Football has been the doormat of the Big 12 for several years now, and although coach Charlie Weis is trying to make changes, the results have not been promising from the Jayhawks.

Kansas football coach Charlie Weis looks on as his team took on the Texas Longhorns in Austin Nov. 5.
Kansas football coach Charlie Weis looks on as his team took on the Texas Longhorns in Austin Nov. 5.
Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

So how does one sugarcoat this? Kansas' offense is...well maybe the appropriate modifier is anemic, but the KU offense is just downright bad. During the conference season, the Jayhawks only have three players rank in the top ten of any offensive statistic category. Those three players, running back James Sims, quarterback Jake Heaps, and kicker Matthew Wyman.

Sims is the easily the best threat on this offense. The only formidable threat that has kept some teams in the Big 12 honest for about a quarter or so. Still though, this KU offense uses two other backs to even the load on Sims. Sims wasn't even the leading rusher last week against Texas. Still though, if KU wants to even have a chance at putting points on the board, they need to get Sims & Co. running the ball somewhat efficiently. The problem KU will face though is arguably the best defense in the conference, if not one of the best in the country. OSU has done well all season against the run as well this season only allowing 123 yards per game on 3.3 yards per carry.

Jake Heaps. He had a lot of great potential. At BYU. Now he leads the 111th best passing team in the country. At this point, Heaps and the Jayhawks may as well be measured as the 15th worst passing team in the country. Heaps has only thrown seven touchdowns this season. Match that with six interceptions. The opportunistic Cowboys defense could potentially have a field day with Heaps. Potential big day for Justin Gilbert and the rest of the secondary.

To broaden the scope, KU is ranked 116th in scoring offense averaging only 17 points a game. The average could even be lower, but the Jayhawks scored 31 against FCS opponent South Dakota in one of its two wins this season (the other agains Louisiana Tech). Against Big 12 opponents, the Jayhawks average only 15.8 points a game.

The Bottom Line: KU is as bad as it gets from the offensive side of the ball in the Big 12, and one of the worst in all of college football. Nonetheless, Oklahoma State must not take any team on the remaining schedule likely if they want to reach the goal of winning the conference again and making another BCS bowl game. That still shouldn't be a problem and OSU will roll and get a 'W' as Stillwater welcomes back Barry Sanders and the 1988 Cowboy team.