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Prediction Time! OSU vs. KU

Gundy is not impressed with your poor predictions
Gundy is not impressed with your poor predictions
Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

Too easy, Robert Whetsell said, and yet he did not win. I guess our blogmaster needs to step up his game this week, as does everyone else not named Graham Coffelt. Everyone make sure to congratulate Graham Coffelt, who by my unscientific calculations, won the OSU-TTU Prediction Time!

Now, for this week...

I must admit I'm struggling to write this Prediction Time thread. Trying to write about Kansas football must be quite the difficult job. The very idea of Kansas football stirs up this apathetic feeling of which I have never experienced in my lifetime. I don't know how the guys at RockChalkTalk do it, but keep fighting the good fight.

1. Will OSU win by more than 35 points?

2. O/U on Rennie Childs YPC at 6

3. Will Chelf rush for more than 60 yards?

4. How many yards does Roland rush for?

5. Number of Chelf interceptions?

6. How many first downs does Kansas get?

7. What is Charlie Weis's pre-game meal?

8. How many times will Stewart receive a handoff?

9. Who's ready for OSU-KU basketball?

10. Who has more touches? David Glidden or Jeremy Smith?

Bonus. Who wins tonight? Baylor or OU? Give me a score