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Picks From Joes: Don't Care Edition

I don't care about any game this weekend, especially ours. If we win, awesome, but we should. If we lose, God help us. Anyhow, I'll get drunk and pick em. Let's roll.

Dez gonna Dez
Dez gonna Dez
Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

I'm tired, I'm hungover, and I spent the week at corporate training. Let's go.

Texas Christian at Iowa State: I really enjoy Iowa State fans. That is the extent of good things I have to say about Iowa State football. Mack Brown fired his wunderkid defensive coordinator after a terrible game. If Courtney Messingham received an equivalent treatment at Iowa State, he'd be fired as well. From a cannon. Into the sun. A drunk frat boy picking plays from NCAA 14 would be an upgrade. Hell, telling whatever quarterback they trot out there to "have at it" would be a massive upgrade.

And on the other side you have the worst quarterback in the Big 12, Trevon Boykin (I don't know if that's how you spell it, and I'm to lazy to look. But having said that, I've been watching the Baylor/OU game, and Blake Bell is pushing him for that honor. God he sucks.) Sadly for Iowa State fans, TCU fields a defense, so the Cyclones have zero chance of winning this game. Frogs win, 21-3.

Kansas State at Texas Tech: All I have to say is I hope Snyder wears his HAZ-MAT suit to the game, It'd be a shame for him to die after catching the clap in Lubbock. Tech wins 42-28

Kansas at Oklahoma State: I'd say after watching OU play tonight that they could use a "schematic advantage." And at the rate Hypul is putting on the pounds, the only change would be the talent level. Pokes roll (we better) 55-13.

Texas at West Virginia: Mack Brown has never been to West Virginia. Which is amazing considering he coached at North Carolina. Is that even possible? I dunno, but I do know it will be the ideal temp Saturday for leaving a Red Bull out and having it stay cold. Case McCoy is looking to keep the dream alive, and the Mountaineers are looking to make a bowl.

I think if you're a West Virginia fan you'll be torn about making the game, the leaves are starting to drop so there's only a week or two before you have to shut the stills down for the year. Tough choices boys, but that's life. I think I'm putting the Horns on upset alert this week. Mack is dead coach walking with the new AD, and really that's it. I apologize for the shitty picks this week, but I'm half passed out writing this shit. I'll bring it next week, but I just don't give even a half a fuck about any of these games. Hell I'm ranting about how shitty this article is mid article. Whatever, my actual predictions for this shitter of a game? Dana will crush about 18 Red Bulls, Mack will realize he still has balls because they'll be cold, and West Virginia will shut the Horn train down, winning 24-19.

Go Pokes