Would Gundy rehire Monken or Holgorsen?

Gundy gambled. Most would say he took a pretty big gamble this year with Yurcich. One large glaring problem with college football is the turnover rate of head coaches. According to ESPN and BleacherReport the turnover rate of head coaches has risen from 18 percent in 2005, to 22 percent from 2006-2010, and now it’s up to 24 percent. Gundy has said he is proud of those coaches who have moved on but he wants to have an offensive coordinator that will not be tempted to leave for a bigger gig. Hello, Shippensburg. Enter Yurcich. Yurcich has yet to call one good game. You can ask just about anyone familiar with the Oklahoma State football team and they will tell you he has underperformed. I’ll admit, he has gotten better after throwing in a few flea-flickers and ballsy calls, but he still wants to call screen-passes that rarely work and seems to be very predictable. His play calling is not great. I don’t think it’s necessary to provide stats to prove that Monken and Holgorsen called better games. Yeah they had Weeden and crew but look what Monken did last year with three different QB’s. He found a way to make them work.

With the turnover rate as high as it is, Monken and Holgorsen are already on the hot seat. Southern Miss has lost 20 games in a row and just lost to Marshall by 48. After last year’s collapse and struggling this year (still very confused about the OkState game), WVU has to win at least two of the next three games to go to a bowl game. Bill Stewart, the man Holgorsen took over for, was 28-12 in the three years he coached at WVU. Yes, WVU moved to the Big 12, but Holgorsen is now 19-10. One of these guys is bound to lose their job. I have no idea how Southern Miss dropped so far after Fedora left, but there is no helping them. WVU is now playing in the Big 12 and has proved that even in a down year, the Big 12 is a tough conference. If one of them isn't let go after this season, then one will likely be let go next year, unless Monken pulls off some miracle.

So the question is: would Gundy rehire either of these guys? I would like to think he isn’t very happy with Yurcich's performance so far. The offense isn’t playing better because of Yurcich; the offense is playing better because of Wickline, Roland, and amount of turnovers the OSU defense has produced. So does he stick with Yurcich and hope he improves, knowing he will likely not leave for a better job? Does he fire Yurcich and gamble on a new guy? Or does he fire Yurcich and rehire? I doubt Monken would get another job offer that would be enticing enough to leave Oklahoma State again, at least not for a few years. I don’t know about Holgorsen and his possible future job opportunities. Also, with the turnover rate so high, offensive and defensive coordinators are being hired as head coaches left and right. If Yurcich was doing his job correctly and was doing a great job, he would be head coaching somewhere in a year or two. So I honestly don’t believe Gundy will find an OC that will do their job correctly and not be tempted to leave for a head coaching job.

To end this rambling I will just ask, what do you guys think? Is this even a possibility? Even if Gundy did decide to go back to them, would they come back?