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College Bowl Pick Em Contest: Cowboys Pick For Free

Want to prove you can guess better than other people? Want to win stuff for doing so? Then join up.

Brett Deering

Bowl season is upon us, which of course means one thing: A flight to Vegas to drop grip on college games It's time to play pick em. This year we actually have prizes for the winner (and we may have had prizes before, but I drink and forget things) and are hoping to get a bunch of you on board.

Edit: Hey, I know what the prizes are, get psyched because they are as follows:

1st: Your choice of OSU replica jersey (you only get one, you greedy bastards)

2nd: Your choice of OSU merch (yup, choose one)

3rd: Your choice of OSU merch (choose one)

4th-10th (if enough people join, so join right now): Cowboys Ride For Free T-shits. Yes, you can be one of six people to have one.

We are using ESPN this year because their mobile app is better, so you can do it all from your phone if you're so inclined. If you don't have an ESPN account it only takes about 45 seconds to fake one up, and the best part is it's free. The info for this year is:

Group: Cowboys Pick For Free (link)

Password: gopokes (what else, really?)

Update, for those using mobile, the fantasy game links just point to the mobile page. It appears that the Bowl Mania link is missing from the app right now.

You can get to it by selecting any of the fantasy games > hit the menu drop down next to the fantasy game name > scroll down and select fantasy > Select ESPN Bowl Mania. You can do everything from the mobile site.

So that's it. Get off your ass (well, actually stay on your ass) and get to picking. Are you still reading and not picking? Seriously, go pick damn it.

Go Pokes