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Oklahoma State Cowgirls Basketball Weekly Update: This Ain't Sparta

Hey, did you know your Cowgirls are undefeated and ranked 13th? Well you do now. Time for the girls to get some King love.


Greetings Cowboy (and now Cowgirl) fans, and welcome to your new weekly update of Cowgirl basketball. It's a big week this week, with games Thursday against Michigan State and Saturday against Georgia Tech, as your Cowgirls get krunk in the Puerto Rico Classic. But before that, lets look at last week.

The Cowgirls smoked the South Florida Bulls 75-56, leading by as many as 23 in the second half. That was their first game since December first, as last week was finals week for Oklahoma State. But what I find more important than winning the game was winning the mascot battle. Cowgirls are hot, just google it up.

What I'm saying is, Bulls are just not very feminine, and I'm glad we crushed them (on that note, neither are Sooners,) to keep the train rolling. Anyhow, that was their 8th win on the year, and a good way to move on to the Puerto Rico Classic (I'd love to go to that, I'd drink mojitos til I blacked out.)

Again, your Cowgirls are 8-0 on the season, with the Spartans posting a 6-4 record and the Yellowjackets sitting at 6-2. After this weeks games we only have one game left, against the Texas Pan-American Broncos, before conference play begins on January 2nd. The two games this week are great for getting a better look at how the Cowgirls will respond in Big 12 play, especially the game against Tech, as their only two losses are against ranked opponents in tight games.

Looking at the Cowgirls, we have four players averaging more that ten points a game;

Brittney Martin at 17.1 per game (who was also the Big 12 player of the week for the week of December 2nd,)

Liz Donohoe at 14.3,

Tiffany Bias at 12.9, and

LaShawn Jones at 10.5

Winning out before conference play begins should have us in the top 10 going into conference play, and that's no small feat considering what these players and coaches have overcome. The program that Coach Budke built is back on track under Coach Littell, and they deserve our support. Also, who doesn't want to watch hot girls playing sports?

Hopefully we'll keep this thing rolling, and I'll be back next Wednesday with recaps of the weekends games and a look ahead to next weeks.