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OK STATE vs OU: Bedlam Memes

It's Bedlam Week and we've got memes! Who doesn't love a good meme? Especially when the Oklahoma Sooners are struggling to maintain relevance on the football field.

The Cowboys are favored in Bedlam again, but don't let OU's mediocrity spoil your fun. You may be thinking, since the Sooner's football incompetence got the Bedlam game busted down to 11am, we should take it easy on them this year.  After all, many Sooner fans are already struggling to comprehend OU's fall from grace.  I'm sure you've seen them walking around on the verge of a mental breakdown, muttering 100 year records in between sniffles. Should we take pity on them?

I say no. Mike Gundy may knee the game out Saturday to put OU out of it's misery. But as a fan, we need to let the few that haven't already figured it out know that the Sooners are #2 in the state of Oklahoma.

I've created a few memes of my own, but I also want to see yours. Post your favorite Bedlam memes in the comments. Even if you just have an idea for a meme, let's hear it.