Time to STEP UP

Well, another year is basically gone but we have our Bowl Game left. And by the way, we probably have the best match up of the Big 12 Bowl Games.

We all know we will lose a lot of talent this year. We have twenty eight seniors leaving the squad and some of those are going to be hard to replace. Our defense will probably take the biggest hit but that really shouldn't matter to the die hard Pokes fans. We have lived with out a good defense for... forever.

So we have made it to the adult table and don't feel the need to have to fight for elbow room. This is to much for some of the other fan bases out there to admit and I won't mention Texas and OU. These fans will have to swallow their pride and just say welcome because we don't plan on going away.

As we have added better facilities our recruiting has been better. Now we have athletes that want to come and play at OSU because they know they have a chance to make it to the NFL. I have always found it to be humorous that we take the athletes that Texas didn't want and coach them up to be something better than Texas could imagine. Did Texas look at the last three Heisman winners? (nope)

So here we are, losing players and we will have to replace them. So what type of year will it be. A rebuilding year or a reloading year. We have had the opportunity to recruit well the past couple of years. I think we will have a stable coaching staff for next year, if Gundy stays here. We seem to have made improvements in the coaching staff last year. It's time to step up and play Big Boy Football and reload and go kick some butts and take names.

Regardless of what happens in our Bowl game or even next year, it's a good time to be Pokes fan.


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