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WEEK 15 BIG 12 POWER POLL: Kansas isn't last! Kansas isn't last!

King and I are in total agreement, including our disdain for Baylor.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

Here's King....

1 OSU- Once more, with feeling.

2 BU- Proved they've gone full thug Saturday.

3 UT- Hook em this weekend

4 blOU- When your center is your superstar, damn.

5 KSU- All the purp

6 TTU- Rough month and a half

7 TCU- Should be better than they are.

8 ISU- Cleaned up their Mess

9 KU- Won some games.

10 WVU- Would have won the American league this year

Here's my slightly wordier version...

1. Oklahoma State...The coach for the bye week has a really shitty staff and they should all be fired. You aren't supposed to lose three times in the same season to the same opponent. Or maybe that only applies to basketball?

2. Baylor...The Bears are suddenly mortal. Lucky for them they get Texas in Waco. I sincerely hope the Longhorns have been paying attention and run Baylor into there own turf. If Dixon plays a single snap against Texas, then we all know what Art Briles approves of.

3. Texas...The Mack Brown Farewell Tour makes its last stop in Waco, and yes, I'm rooting for them. If the Longhorns tie for the Big 12 title they will need Mack to retire or resign, otherwise they will enter a whole new level of dumpster fire.

4. Oklahoma...Time to pay a visit to your "little brother's" house. Last time you were here you started burning clock in the third quarter with your running game, and you were trailing by 41 points. According to Bob Stoops, Blake Bell never scored a touchdown.

5. Kansas State...So Snyder rounded up the troops and finished things off rather nicely. They could be a very trendy pick going into next season.

6. Texas Tech...Agree with David Ubben here. You would be lower if the rest of the conference wasn't so bad.

7. would be higher if you hadn't lost to Tech.

8. Iowa get to hang out here since you beat the two teams below you.

9. Kansas...Congratulations, you don't finish last due to my disdain for West Virginia, and the fact that you beat them.

10. West Virginia...Seriously? You figure out a way to beat OSU and keep us out of the NC conversation, then proceed to lose to both Kansas and Iowa State?