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Jordan Esco from Crimson & Cream Machine was kind enough to share some of his clearest memories from Bedlam. This post will focus on our three favorite moments.

While we may not "like" each other, it is clear that our love of Bedlam runs deep, and often through family.

Don't worry, our least favorite memories are coming soon...and some of them will coincide with some of these...

Feel free to share some of your moments in the comments. Enjoy!

From Jordan:

1) 2007 - I'll confess this one is from an entirely personal standpoint, but this particular Bedlam game was the first my father and I were able to attend together. We actually had what I consider to be really good seats even though they were behind the OSU bench. It was cold, it even snowed a little if memory serves, but OU was ahead on the scoreboard and I was there with my dad so the temperature was irrelevant.

It wasn't a particularly great game and neither OU or OSU were particularly great teams that year, but for me on this particular day it wasn't about it.

I can vividly remember my father and I walking back to the car and I just casually thanked him for raising me as an OU fan. It kind of came off in passing, but it's something he and I both reference from time to time and something I believe neither of us will ever forget.

2) 2003 - The infamous "Let 'er rip" game. To this day I cannot stand Les Miles and while I understand, after having won the previous two years, why he'd be cocky coming into this game, the ass kicking that OU summarily gave him and that OSU team was about as sweet as it gets.

3) 2012 - The first and only overtime game (to date) in the Bedlam rivalry with a "walk-off" Brennan Clay touchdown run was and remains a special moment for almost every OU fan I know. OU never led in regulation and needed a VERY fortunate missed tackle on an incredibly slow developing Blake Bell touchdown run just to send the game to overtime.

And perhaps more importantly, the celebration after Clay scored was something you rarely see on Owen Field. For a fan base many (including even a decent portion of OU fans) would call spoiled, celebrations like that one don't happen as often as they maybe should.

Now for mine...

1. 1976....OSU 31, OU 24. What? 2011 isn't #1? Let me explain. This was my first experience with a Bedlam win for OSU. My father bought 2 tickets (my mother refused to attend Bedlam after 1965), and at 14 I was so excited to go to the game in Norman. Then one of my sisters scheduled her wedding for Oct 23, 1976. You think I'll ever forget her anniversary?

This was back in the days with scrolling scoreboards once every 10-15 minutes. No internet. No cable.

I was jumping back and forth between the beds in our hotel room, waiting for the scores to come up. My parents are yelling at me to finish getting dressed.

21-24...28-24...waiting for what we thought was the inevitable 28-31 final.

Then it came up. 31-24 F. Pandemonium in a little hotel room at the University Inn in Atlanta, GA.

Sorry, this is the only video I could find of the 1976 team.

2. 2001...OSU 16, OU 13. Up to this point in my life I honestly believed that NOTHING good could ever happen to OSU at the end of Bedlam if they needed to score to win the game. I believed in Squinky before I even knew his name. Then came TD Bryant, and the curse was broken (well, kinda).

3. 2011...OSU 44, OU 10. The first Bedlam victory I ever witnessed IN PERSON. The only other Bedlam I ever attended was a blowout in Norman. To be a part of that emotion, a crowd that was waiting to release what felt like centuries of frustration, with my brother. It was a really special day and evening.