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OUR BEDLAM FOOTBALL MEMORIES: What we would like to forget

Jordan Esco from Crimson & Cream Machine was kind enough to share some of his clearest memories from Bedlam. The second post in this series focuses on things we would probably not want to talk about in polite conversation. You can see our favorite moments here.

As little suffering as OU has had to endure throughout Bedlam, Jordan went into deep meditation (possibly hypnosis) to dig up three memories that he would just as soon forget. It also goes to show that sometimes the "hate" can cost us an opportunity at a memorable moment.

Like before, share some of your moments in the comments...if you can stand to verbalize them.

1) 2011 - This should come as no surprise.  This game is one of the few instances in which I've actually come close to turning off my television. Which may not sound like a big deal, but for those who know me would tell you it's a HUGE deal because I will always stay/watch until the bitter end.

But this one was different.  There have been few instances in which OU has been more embarrassed on a football field than they were on this day. Ass-kicking doesn't even begin to do it justice.

2) 2001 - This one truly came out of nowhere. OU was ranked No. 4 in the country at the time, had only lost a tough game to a No. 2/3 Nebraska team, and I like I assume so many other OU fans figured the Sooners would roll right over "little brother" once again.  And this wasn't even a good OSU team, hell decent might even be generous.

But they were ready to play on that Saturday. It wasn't a pretty game to say the least, neither offense could really get anything going and amazingly OSU overcame four turnovers in the game to pull of the stunning upset.

As an OU fan, it's one thing to lose to OSU. It sucks. But it's another entirely to go into a game as confident as we were and then OSU.  That is the shittiest of feelings.

3) 2008 - This one probably won't make much sense and more than likely just come off as obnoxious, but I don't suspect that will effect any of your readers' opinion of me considering where my loyalties lie.

But 2008 was a special for me and my father as we were fortunate enough to acquire season tickets coincidentally the same year OU would make a run to the national title game. We saw every home game that year, even a couple on the road, the Big 12 Championship game, and even managed to make it down to Miami for the MNC game versus Florida.

However, I long ago swore that I would never contribute a single dime to OSU or spend any of my hard earned money in Stillwater. Petty, I know, but I've come to terms with that.  So Bedlam was not in the cards for me that year, which looking back on it now cost me what probably would have been another in a long line of incredible experiences that year.

Mine were much easier to come by...

1. 1988...OU 31, OSU 28. The Drop. I still get ill thinking about that game. The fact that the greatest running back of all time had to lose to OU galls me, and Gundy not referring more kindly to Brent Parker in his presser kinda pisses me off.

Sitting in a hotel room in LA with my best friend and his parents, all Sooners. The simultaneous joy and agony in that moment was what college football is all about.

Wow, my #1 good and bad Bedlam moments took place in hotel rooms. Now I'm trying to decide whether or not to get a room this weekend, knowing there's a 50% chance it could be bad.

2. 2010...OU 47, OSU 41. The interception. Justin Gilbert. James Hanna. Fuck. I was up and down so many times in the last quarter of that game. This was truly the beginning of the end for me with former DC Bill Young.

3. 1974...OU 44, OSU 13. My Dad and I were out quail hunting, carrying a rather large radio with us so we could listen to the game. Not ideal equipment for hunting.

OSU led 13-10 at the half and we had pretty much given up on the quail at this point. Then the Cowboys failed to cover the 2nd half kickoff, allowing OU to recover it in the end zone for a touchdown. Classic Bedlam moment for OSU.

We pretty much started shooting at anything that moved after that.