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Schultzy is in the weeds with end of semester projects and tests, so you get little old me...literally speaking...

I grew up always wanting Bedlam to be the last regular season game, and I haven't changed. I love that it's the finale, especially when at least one of the teams has a championship at stake.

I feel like Bedlam has actually gained some energy since OSU has assumed the "favorite" roll a couple of times, as well as a Big 12 title with a win. Little brother my ass.

Let's get into the predictions...

1. Final Score?

2. Which team does the forecasted bad weather favor?

3. OU rushing yards?

4. Clint Chelf rushing yards?

5. Does either team go over 200 yards passing?

6.Which Mike Stoops will we see the most of?

A.... Rn_a_mikestoops3_ms_300_medium


B... 092111-cfb-arizona-coach-mike-stoops-pi_20110921151611925_660_320_jpg_medium


C... L41288-1_medium


7. Will Gundy come out in orange or black outerwear?

8. What is the score when OSU fans start panicking and say the sky is falling?

9. What is the score when OU starts running out the clock to PREVENT further damage to their psyche?

10. If OSU makes a play at the end of the game to win, will fans storm the field?

11. Will either team have a special teams and/or defensive touchdown? Who and how?

12. Will the next Mark Travis hype video stay up for more than 5 minutes?

Enjoy folks. Only one more "Prediction Time" left for the 2013 season. Unbelievable how fast this went by.