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BCS and Big 12 Bowl Predictions: CRFF Style

It's almost time to slip into your bowling shoes... Which also means college football is almost over... Let CRFF help hold back your tears with some solid bowl game picks!

ESPN + $2 Billion dollar SEC deal = Almost Guarantee SEC team in Natl' Champ...
ESPN + $2 Billion dollar SEC deal = Almost Guarantee SEC team in Natl' Champ...
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

I'll cut to the chase (this saying has always been lost on me... Wouldn't we want to cut to the point and skip the chase? Google said it has something to do with silent films or some crap, but come on).

Bowl season is nearly upon us. Time for the boys at CRFF to lock-it-up with some picks.

We don't want to put you to sleep with every single bowl, so we narrowed it to the BCS Championship, as well as Big 12 bowls. After the bowls are over, we will crown a pick champion. If there is a tie on bowl choices, we've predicted a National Championship score for a tie breaker. We discussed some type of wager here, but couldn't come up with a good one. Got an idea? Drop it into the comments section!

Without further adieu...

Steven Mandeville

BCS National Title Game - #1 Florida State vs #2 Auburn

As much as I’d love to see the SEC "reign of terror" diminished, I really feel like these are the two teams that will be there. Auburn losing at the hornet’s nest in Baton Rouge to a then top 10 LSU team is a quality loss (as much as I hate the term) and regardless of how it happened, they beat Goliath last week. A win over a top 10 Missouri team in the SEC Championship convinces me they’re #2 (after Ohio State gets beat by Michigan State in their 2nd real game after Wisconsin).

Score Prediction: FSU 41 - Auburn 34

BCS Fiesta Bowl - Oklahoma State vs UCF

I don’t believe a win over 9-2 OU is to be assumed at any point, but I do believe that the remnant of the 2011 team remembers what a Sooner thrashing looks like and mentally, the Cowboys will be prepared. A strong interior run game combined with a shutdown of the Sooner passing game puts the Pokes back into the Fiesta. As for UCF, I’m just hoping not to get some MACtion this January. Transitive properties, Northern Illinois beat Akron by 7 at home, Bowling Green beat them by 17 at home, crossing my fingers for a Zips victory and a desert showdown with Bortles and the Knights (slightly easier to get excited for).

Cotton Bowl - Baylor vs. Missouri

While I think the Bears are on the mend after the Payne County Dismembering, their confidence has been restored enough to beat a decent Texas team. I don’t really hear about players wanting to win to save Mack’s job, maybe that’s because Texas is planning on keeping him? ("please keep Mack, I won’t ask for anything else for Christmas –signed, the rest of the B12") Regardless, #1. Baylor has 12 fans and that’s not appealing to a bowl monetarily and #2. We’re not getting two teams in the BCS, therefore #2 goes to the Cotton. In my current setup, SEC gets 2, Bama goes Orange and the two loss teams split. South Carolina to the more regional Capitol One, leaving the near miss SEC champion to play the Big 12 co-champion. This isn’t the most attractive matchup to reminisce about, but it would be a great game.

Alamo Bowl - Texas vs Arizona State

While Oregon makes sense, I feel Arizona State is the hot team in the Pac12 and deserving of the #2 bid. Easier trip from Tempe to San Antonio for fans than Eugene and they haven’t seen the Riverwalk before. While the Longhorns did make the trip last year, they will sell tickets and they provide great games here (Oregon St. 2012, Iowa 2006) Also worth noting, I may be doing this just to see our rivals play the little brother bowl of our Fiesta game (2011 style).

Buffalo Wild Wings BowlOklahoma vs Nebraska

It would be fun to see these two play again, and after Ohio State falls to MSU, this bowl has their pick of Iowa and Nebraska. Oklahoma is a good team this year and I think they’ll be even better next year. Tramel said it best when he said the Sooner offense is "in midseason form." Oklahoma will most likely be the Honey BBQ Kings over the angry, slumping, frowny faced Pelini’s.

Holiday Bowl - Kansas State vs Oregon

Holiday jumps at Oregon and a 2012 Fiesta remix is born. While women nationally beg for Kliff to the beach, it looks like a Holiday Bowl Windbreaker for Snyder. The Ducks appear to be a bit apathetic to anything not NCG and K-State gets to play the revenge card. While the Cats are a year older and wiser, sadly the Snydercats may be facing a very similar outcome to last year.

Texas Bowl - Texas Tech vs Michigan

It’s a pretty clear choice for the Big 12 rep, Tech is the last bowl eligible team. Tech will enjoy the face time with some Houston recruits and maybe Kliff makes a trip to Galveston for the ladies. I’m sure O’Brien vs. Kingsbury would be a fun matchup but it looks like a Wolverine-Red Raider game because of the downward shifting B10 bowl situation.

Big 12 Bowl Record

Best Case Scenario: 4-2

Worst Case Scenario: 1-5

Realistic Expectation: 3-3

Chris Ross - @chrisrosssports

BCS National Title Game - #1 Florida State vs #2 Missouri

I'm going to go with Michigan State upsetting tOSU, and I would make a pretty large wager that Mizzou beats Auburn. I just don't see how Auburn bounces back after that big Iron Bowl win. In this scenario I believe OK State would be #3 and in the discussion once again, but lose to the SEC team, again.

Score Prediction: FSU 35 - Mizzou 20

The Tigers jump out to an early lead, but the Seminoles start to knock the rust off in the 2nd quarter and take the game over in the 3rd.

BCS Fiesta Bowl - Oklahoma State vs Northern Illinois

Some potential for the Pokes to be under-whelmed by the opponent. Win and so what, you beat NIU. Lose and damn, you got beat by NIU. It's prompting some to compare this to the OU vs Boise State Fiesta Bowl. However, if Oklahoma State isn't pumped for only it's 2nd ever BCS appearance, then something is horribly wrong. No, this will be similar to OU routing UConn.

Cotton Bowl - Texas vs Texas A&M

This may be the toughest bowl to determine. I am going to go with Texas beating out Baylor in Waco. Texas is playing their best ball of the season, and I'm not too sure the Pokes didn't break Bryce Petty. He really struggled against TCU. This will set up one of the greatest bowls of the season. After Mizzou knocks off Auburn the Cotton bowl might look to South Carolina, but once Texas punches their ticket how could you resist the story lines of Texas vs A&M?

Alamo Bowl - Baylor vs Oregon

What would the O/U be, 120? Oregon is pretty much slated for this bowl. Oklahoma is the Big 12 early favorite here, but with Baylor all of a sudden on the table, how do you say no to this kind of fireworks? This would be a bowl with a lot of National interest, but you have to wonder just how excited either team would be to be there?

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl - Oklahoma vs Nebraska

Another chance for a heated rivalry game. Nebraska is pretty much slated for this game. The BW3 bowl committee is crossing it's fingers the Alamo passes on OU, and as a college football fan, so are you. This could shape up to be one of the best bowl seasons in a long time. The Big 12 might get the shaft in the Fiesta, but every other match-up could have big time national interests. This could do wonders for the Big 12 reputation after taking a beating early in the season. I know some claim they only care about their team and not the conference, but the conference reputation reflects on every team.

Holiday Bowl - Kansas State vs Arizona State

It seems that no matter what happens at the top of the conference K-State will end up in the Holiday Bowl. The only question is who will they play, Stanford vs Arizona State. Either way this probably isn't going to go well for the Wildcats. Stanford feels destined to play in the Rose bowl this year, so I am picking ASU here.

Texas Bowl - Texas Tech vs Minnesota

Much like the Holiday Bowl, this seems to be a done deal. The Gophers will be a tougher opponent than most think too. It will be interesting to see how Kliff Kingsbury and Texas Tech responds to the late season slide. If you like gadget plays, this is the game for you.

Big 12 Bowl Record

Best Case Scenario: 4-2

Worst Case Scenario: 2-4

Taylor York - @tayloryork

BCS National Title Game - #1 Florida State vs #2 Ohio State

FSU will dominate Duke, and Ohio State will do just enough to stay at #2.

Score Prediction: FSU 42- tOSU 27

BCS Fiesta Bowl - Oklahoma State vs Auburn

With Pac-12 #1 Arizona state going to the Rose bowl, Stanford could be next in line - since Norther Illinois will lose a heart breaker to Bowling Green in the last weekend - but I doubt they would go for the rematch. Next up in the BCS is Auburn.

Cotton Bowl - Baylor vs Texas A&M

Who wouldn't want to see this all Texas match-up? (Texas A&M only get this high because the bowls take 2 extra SEC teams.)

Alamo BowlTexas vs South Carolina

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl - Oklahoma vs Nebraska

Holiday Bowl - Kansas State vs Stanford

Texas Bowl – Texas Tech vs Minnesota

Evan Jones - @EJones_CRFF

BCS National Title Game - #1 Florida State vs #2 Missouri

I, along with almost everyone else outside the SEC, would like to see those jack-wagons miss out on the National Championship this year, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. And it’s not going to happen because the Buckeyes are going to get waxed in the B1G Championship. Michigan State is going to come out with vengeance and Work.Them.Over. Thus, pushing the champ of the SEC, IMO Mizzou, to the title game.

Score Prediction – FSU 34 – Mizzou 31

I think that Mizzou is pretty stout on the defensive side of the ball, and I think FSU is way good, but maybe a bit over hyped. I think that with several weeks to prepare, Pinkel will have a pretty good game plan ready for them, but will be edged out by a winning Winston drive.

BCS Fiesta Bowl - Oklahoma State vs UCF

Can I skip this pick? I don’t want to call for a victory over OU with Snowpocalypse upon us. But if I’m choosing the better team, it’s OSU. With the Fiesta getting to scrape the bottom of the at-large bids, I’m afraid we will end up with NIU. I find partial joy in this, as it is an opportunity to work over a team we are supposed to work over… As opposed to the Sooners, who like losing Fiesta Bowl games against lesser opponents.

Cotton Bowl - Baylor vs. Auburn

With a victory over Texas Saturday, Baylor will cement themselves into the Cotton Bowl at Jerry’s World. They will face the SEC #3, which I think will be Auburn, since Mizzou will win the SEC championship and then Alabama will be picked over them. This is going to be a great game to watch, plenty of action! There are also two awesome outcomes with this bowl. 1. Either Baylor will lose and I will revel in it, or they will win and I will spin it as a Big 12 over an SEC team. 2. Auburn will feel the burn of a 1 loss Alabama team that we felt in 2011. Have the Aloe-Vera waiting.

Alamo Bowl - Texas vs Oregon

I don’t have much to say about this one, except Texas will get SPANKED.

Buffalo Wild Wings BowlOklahoma vs Nebraska

This will be a fun game to watch. A meeting of old rivals, and two mediocre teams. I will definitely tune it to this one. Will be interesting to see what shenanigans Pelini gets himself into, as well as which OU QB will start, as this will most likely be their 2014 season starter.

Holiday Bowl - Kansas State vs Arizona State

Snyder will get his shot at another sweet bowl jacket. I feel sorry for any team that has to go uagainst the Snyder Family boys when he has a few weeks to plan for your team. With any luck, ASU will be able to walk out with a little bit of dignity left.

Texas Bowl - Texas Tech vs Minnesota

I know nothing about the Golden Gophers. What I do know is Tech will be in this bowl, Kingsbury will wear an Under Armor Lose Fit Long Sleeve T, Ray-Bans and slicked back hair, and then have a date after the game with a hefty Minnesotan (???) girl. They will hit up a cheap bar where Kliff drowns his sorrows in a bottle of Smirnoff Ice.

Big 12 Bowl Record
Best Case Scenario: 4-2
Worst Case Scenario: 2-3
Realistic Expectation: 3-3

Graham Coffelt - @GrahamC_CRFF

BCS National Title Game - #1 Florida State vs #2 Ohio State

The Seminoles open the game scoring 14 unanswered. The Buckeyes make adjustments and close the gap to 10 points for a 24-14 score at the half. Florida State’s potent offense is just too much and finishes the game with 14 more points, matching the Buckeyes 14.

Score Prediction: FSU 38 – tOSU 28

BCS Fiesta Bowl - Oklahoma State vs Northern Illinois

So yes, it is NIU. Yes we know, it is a MAC school playing in a BCS game. The one thing though is that the Huskies have a Heisman-contending player in QB Jordan Lynch and this could be a scenario that the Cowboys could get themselves in trouble with, if they are not careful. If Cowboys play their normal game, they should roll.

Cotton Bowl - Texas vs. Texas A&M

So A&M backed away from future dates with UT, but they can’t get out of this one. I think that the Longhorns will come in with a chip on their shoulders and will give Johnny Manziel hell. Jackson Jeffcoat shows that he is the better NFL prospect in this game by sacking Manziel three times. A&M will squeak a win out though.

Alamo Bowl - Baylor vs Oregon

Who’s ready for a track meet? Remember the Baylor/Washington game from a few years ago? Yeah, I would expect those records to be broken, which would be astounding since those records are held in the near “unbreakable” ranks in bowl game records. Baylor will continue its downward trend and Marcus Mariota will end his sophomore year with a win, as he prepares for a championship run in 2014.

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl – Oklahoma vs Nebraska

An old Big 12 showdown; the old stand-by and the defector. This game could get sloppy in my opinion. Both teams have issues at quarterback and both defenses are stout but have shown signs of cracking during points of this season. I think OU will have a greater grasp on the game all four quarters and will win by 10.

Holiday Bowl - Kansas State vs Arizona State

K-State has come on strong toward the end of the season and the fighting Snyders are back in their typical form. This matchup between Todd Graham and Arizona State could be a great one. The coaching matchup itself is impressive. The Sun Devils will come away with the victory at Qualcomm in the end, posturing Arizona State to be a new power in the PAC 12.

Texas Bowl - Texas Tech vs Minnesota

A rematch of last seasons Texas Bowl, which speaks to Minnesota’s lack of improvement and the coaching change at Tech. Ryan Gosling’s offense will prevail over the slightly-above mediocre Big 10 Golden Gophers defense. The battle for Tubby Smith’s love will end favoring the tortilla tossers in Lubbock.

Big 12 Bowl Record
Best Case Scenario: 5-1
Worst Case Scenario: 1-5

There you have it ladies and gentlemen! Don't like our picks? Copy and paste this list below and lets hear what you've got on your list!

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Fiesta Bowl:

Cotton Bowl:

Alamo Bowl:

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl:

Holiday Bowl:

Texas Bowl: