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Oklahoma's Knight: Heisman Runner-Up Contender

In a span of only three weeks, University of Oklahoma quarterback, Trevor Knight, has inserted himself into the Heisman runner-up conversation.

The Heisman runner-up pose
The Heisman runner-up pose
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday's game between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State figures to be a key moment in the Heisman race. Although it will be played outside of the curative, allergy-free confines of Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, the 2013 edition of Bedlam could provide the nation's best alternative to a Jameis Winston Heisman.

In a span of only three weeks, University of Oklahoma quarterback, Trevor Knight, has inserted himself into the Heisman runner-up conversation. Entering his fourth start of the season this weekend against Oklahoma State, Knight's play has garnered national attention and set the collective hearts of Sooner nation aflutter. Knight's streak of six consecutive quarters as the starter, combined with his scholarship at the University of Oklahoma, have all but punched his ticket to New York City. Head Coach Bob Stoops has been impressed with Knight's quick rise to runner up status, "Trevor has done a great job addressing the challenge of being second fiddle. The University of Oklahoma is all about the Heisman conversation. If people are associating one of our players with the Heisman, that means the Sooners are still nationally relevant. I'm all for that."

In the last two games, Knight's 86.4 adjusted QBR ranks second in the Big 12 and statistically surpasses every Big 12 quarterback from the state of Texas. Speaking of Knight's performance against Kansas State, OU spokesperson and radio personality, Jim Traber, succinctly encapsulated the thoughts of the crimson and cream collective when he said, "I felt this thrill go up my leg." Indeed, NFL scouts agree: Knight's mastery of the zone-read is phenomenal, his hand-offs are fluid, and he randomly demonstrates an uncanny ability to throw several consecutive completions without an interception. Yet, perhaps even more remarkable than Knight's talent and athleticism is the way in which he beat out teammate and former Heisman contender, Blake Bell, for the starting position. Instead of being discouraged after winning - and then losing - the starting job early in the season, Knight decided to stick it out and continued to practice hard. "Always be ready," Knight said. "There will always be a place for the guy who finishes 2nd. The next practice is the most important. If you get to actually play, that's a bonus."

Clearly, Knight's approach to adversity has prepared him for the disappointment of representing every state other than Florida at the Heisman presentation and his on-field accolades are only beginning to pile up. As the "Belldozer" is relegated to the dustbin of history, expect the reign of the white Knight to propel Oklahoma into the future.