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BASKETBALL RECAP: Oklahoma State 79, South Carolina 52

Might have been the Big 12 vs the SEC, but this was no challenge.

Sam Greenwood

This was close until South Carolina hit a FT to take a 3-2 lead with 18:21 remaining in the first half.

The next time the Gamecocks scored, a two point bucket  with 12:18 remaining trimmed OSU's lead to 16-5.

When they hit their next basket, a three with 7:37 remaining, the Cowboys' lead was cut to 27-8.

The rest was a sloppy snooze fest.

Clark was back in action, which was good to see, although he seemed a bit disinterested at times. It was clear, however, that his presence in the rotation makes a HUGE difference in how this team performs. Smart AND Brown get more significant breaks it seems, and it allows Ford to essentially rotate his front court and back court separately.

Of course we got some highlight reel dunks, but more importantly we were denied what might have been one of Markel's top 5 all time.

All in all, good to be home, and a nice crowd for a nice warm up to Bedlam.

The team now gets the week of finals off, with a matchup against Louisiana Tech at 1pm a week from Saturday in the All College Classic.