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I don't often hate, but when I do, I prefer to hate the Sooners.

Stay victorious my friends.


He doesn’t have to shower after swimming in Theta Pond;

Boone Pickens always takes his calls;

Eskimo Joe's chili cheese fries is his recipe;

Marcus Smart learned how to do his "KU" back flip from watching his instructional video;

Gundy says "He's a man. Go after him'"

Mike Holder LOWERED his ticket prices;

Pistol Pete was supposed to be his likeness, but they couldn't make anything that handsome;

He invented the color orange;

Berry Tramel doesn’t have a story about him;

Kelly Hines asks him for shoe advice;

He dunked on Blake Griffin;

When he asks Gundy about starters and injuries, he gets a straight answer;

He is always voted #1 in any poll, even by Nick Saban…and Gary Pinkel…

Johnny Manziel pays him for his autograph;

Squinky wouldn’t dare flick a tentacle in his presence;

He once tackled Barry the open field;

Charlie Weiss asks him for restaurant recommendations;

And the most important one of all......

When he stands up, the OU band stops playing.