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BEDLAM FOOTBALL: Halftime assessment

It's painfully clear which is the better team. It's also painfully clear that these OC's need a brain check.

The first play was a microcosm of this first half. A 75 yard TD run by Desmond Roland came back on a holding penalty.

A messy and ugly start by both offenses was cleaned up by a 99 yard drive that demonstrated that OSU should be able to run at will on OU.

That was followed by a 3 and out with 3 passing plays. Then a punt return for a TD that gave OU life.

Then OSU comes back with another impressive running drive that ended with a horrible 4th and goal call.

This is exactly what I spoke of in my final thoughts before Bedlam. OSU has not stayed away from mistakes, and this is exactly the kind of game OU wants.

This game should have already been a blowout, at least 21-0, maybe 28-0.

Instead we have Bedlam. 10-10. That's why they play the game.