Oklahoma State Basketball Midseason Review

With 7 Games remaining who predicted OSU would be tied for 1st in the Big 12 with Kansas and Kansas St? Not to mention have an Overall record of 18-5.

As far as the players go, there have been 3 guys that have far exceeded my exprectations for the year.

#1 Marcus Smart - I know he was a highly touted Mcdonalds All American guard so how could he have possibly overachieved? Well I expected him to come in and do some nice things but he has completely taken over this team and is contributing in every category at a high level.

#2 Michael Cobbins - Now this might be just what have you done for me lately. Which is a lot, and i expect him to continue to build confidence and end the season well.

#3 Phil Forte - I admit I was skeptical about him doing well being that he is small. But now that he has stepped in for Keiton Page quite easily, I am excited for his future.

Biggest disappointment? Lebryan Nash. What do we need to do to get this guy on track with the expectations? He just has not shown the consistency that OSU fans have come to desire. He is averaging decent numbers scoring & rebound but just hasn't completely taken over enough games so far. I still leave hope for him to finish strong and make a statement in the Big 12/NCAA Tourney. In my opinion if he has aspirations of going to the NBA after this season than I think he has work left to do. STOP BEING LAZY! Im tired of seeing wasted possesions by him just slowly jogging down the court.