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Bedlam Hoops Game Thread

The Cowboys have gone from the outhouse to the penthouse in just over a month. It's Bedlam in Stillwater and a win today will solidify Oklahoma State as a legitimate Big 12 title contender.


This is the first game in a while where I've heard alumni actually making plans to go to Stillwater for a basketball game. Will the the rowdy be back today? The rowdy is real and it can lead to blowouts and/or "lucky breaks" in close games.

It's crazy to think that these players have never played in a conference game with a packed house. They'll know what that's all about this afternoon. And it's not just the players. I don't think 90% of students have a clue about GIA. Perhaps this is the first step in putting the old girl back on the map.

Bottom line for this game is if our team plays well we will win big. I think that goes for almost every game from here on out. Bedlam is crazy though. I've seen an over matched OU team win in GIA more than a few times. It should be a fun game either way. Go Pokes.