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Oklahoma State Takes Down Kansas: 10 Games Left

The Cowboys beat the Jayhawks 85-80 at Allen Field House and are now poised to make a Tourney Run.


It's been a while since an Oklahoma State basketball win felt this huge. Travis Ford has won some big games during his time at Oklahoma State but nothing comes close to what he did yesterday in Lawrence.

A few streaks that came crashing to an end at the Phog yesterday.

18 straight wins...DONE

33 Straight Home Wins...DONE

16 Straight Home Wins Vs. Oklahoma State...DONE

The Path to The NCAA Tourney

Let's take a look at the next 5 games as it stands right now. I'm a little high from the KU win but I'll try to be as objective as possible.

Baylor - Win, Seems like the kind of team you split with

@ Texas - Win, Longhorns have been miserable

@ Texas Tech - Win, Tech just isn't very good

Oklahoma - Win, We must win this game.

Kansas - Loss, I just can't see us sweeping them

That would put the Cowboys at 20-6 with 5 winnable games to go. I believe that a Big 12 team with 20+ wins AND wins against Kansas and NC State would garner strong consideration from the tournament committee.

And that's really worse case at this point.

Why couldn't the Cowboys play them into a bye in the Big 12 Tourney? That would make them a tourney lock, right?

As I mentioned earlier this week, with Marcus Smart - The Possibilities Are Endless. Anything can happen at this point, and that is the beautiful thing about College Hoops that has been missing for a while. Thank you Flower Mound.