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Happy Super Bowl!

There's something for everyone in this year's edition of the Super Bowl


The Super Bowl Pregame Show

Super Bowl pregame show 2013: Newtown students, Matchbox Twenty, Alicia Keys among pregame lineup -
Among a myriad of music and events to kickoff Super Bowl XLVII, a group of students from Connecticut will be on the field with their families before the game.

Eating and Drinking

Super Bowl Judgment: How to not drink like a chucklehead during the big game -
Over the course of TAILGATE JUDGMENT, we found many faults with your drinking habits. Here, we see how you've been drinking, and give you one last chance to get it right.

Super Bowl food questions you were afraid to ask: Wings -
To assist in the run-up to your Super Bowl festivities, we've enlisted chef, consultant, and former Top Chef: Las Vegas contestant Eli Kirshtein to answer some basic questions about cooking. Today's basic thing you might be screwing up: wings.

Super Bowl food questions you were afraid to ask: nachos -
Chef Eli Kirshtein explains nachos and sets the world of chip rankings in order