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A Spring of Plenty for Oklahoma State.

2013 blooms with the excellence that is OSU athletics on full display.


Basketball, football, wrestling, and baseball...not to mention other non-major sports...are generating a LOT of buzz among OSU fans, the kind of buzz that hasn't been felt in some time.

But make no mistake, the combination of football and basketball in March is a great thing. With both men's and women's hoops poised for post-season play, spring football began yesterday amid TONS of excitement and intrigue.

Shall we remind ourselves...

  • New OC...we do have actual sightings of this guy, right? Wouldn't want to hear that you never see Gundy and him at the same time...
  • "New" DC...While most OSU fans quickly got over the "rocky" departure of Bill Young, just keep in mind that Spencer was a part of that defensive scheme that loved to drive us crazy and kept Pistols Firing in business with lots of "Our defense isn't that bad, and we have stats to prove it" posts. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, Spencer does to differentiate his system from the previous administration;
  • A bunch of new position coaches...the two most intriguing being defensive linemen and defensive backs;
  • Another spring QB battle, this time with a 4th wheel...Daxx Garman...who does nothing but improve OSU's position atop the list of All Big 12 QB Names. Never mind the Cowboys might now have FOUR quarterbacks that could start for Texas, OU, Tech, Kansas, KState, Baylor, Iowa State, West Virginia and TCU. Something's gotta give. Most likely scenario? Lunt redshirts with Garman as the 3rd stringer, Chelf starts with the Walshinator as backup. By "most likely," I mean "who the hell knows what is going to happen and this is my wild ass guess;"
  • A PLETHORA of wide receivers. Between QB's and this group, OSU could start another team that might be favored to win the Big 12. Moore/Moore/Stewart will lead a group full of great prospects and returning contributors;
  • Kicker/ seems like it's been a decade since we had anyone other than Bailey and Sharp. Stonebreaker is a name I can get behind, but there is a highly regarded freshman coming this summer that is expected to challenge;
  • An actual question of sorts at running back...We all love Jeremy Smith, but even with "limited" action, he has struggled with injury. Throw in unproven Desmond Roland, Caleb Muncrief, and two interesting recruits coming this summer, and this position provides a little intrigue that hasn't been experienced in a while, maybe ever?
  • A second consecutive "stud" class of recruits. I say "stud" because we are usually speculating about which 2-3 star guys MIGHT become good players. Not now. OSU is attracting the kinds of players that can step in immediately, and defense is an area of extreme interest;
  • Did I mention OC? Is Shippensburg a real place? Maybe Gundy is protecting him a bit from the media because he knows there is no way he can measure up to the media bonanza generated anytime Monken opened his mouth;
  • A team that could very easily, hell, even likely, be favored to win the Big 12. When's the last time that happened?
And that's just for football.

When you add in post-season action for men's and women's hoops; wrestling's Big 12 record and drive for a national championship; early season success from new Coach Holliday and the baseball squad; not to mention the intrigue of whether or not any or all of the "Big 3" will return for Travis Ford, and spring is the season that keeps on giving.

Let's hope we don't need gift receipts.