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FINAL POLL UPDATE: Can we help the "koolaid" gang?

Rational minds won the day, but some folks obviously took this poll while dreaming...


One minor update to the story...OSU plays Pac 12 tourney champ Oregon in San Jose, CA on Thursday afternoon around 3:45 cst on TNT.


Well this turned out to be somewhat interesting.

77% of you said OSU doesn't get past the Sweet 16. Predictable.

Eleven folks were brave enough to think OSU would get hot enough to make the Elite 8. Can't take any issue with that.

Then came the "koolaid" gang.

Fourteen folks who think the Cowboys will at least make the Final Four. Ok, fine, a couple strong drinks and some wishful thinking, I suppose I could have come to the same conclusion, but I would have immediately regretted that choice in the morning.

But there are 8 folks in this group that I am very concerned about. We may need an intervention, or worse, commitment papers.

Eight people that think OSU will make it to the championship game, four of those who think they go all the way.

Medication...counseling...shock therapy...

I love OSU football and basketball, and I often drink the koolaid, but I am not addicted to it.

I hope this team finds the magic, but mind you, it will have to be magic. While talented, this team has some glaring flaws that would normally preclude a rational mind from concluding that they could advance much farther than the Sweet 16, if that.

Actually, I'm just hoping those 8 votes were trolls. That would relieve my anxiety for the voters' well being.

I'm also hoping this team finds the magic.