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Have the stars aligned for Oklahoma State?

With Smart's decision to forego GOBS of money in the NBA, 2013-14 is shaping up to be an epic time for the two marquee sports at OSU.


The Oklahoma State twitterverse exploded Tuesday evening.

Too many to bother reproducing here, but most of you have already seen most.

When it was announced that OSU hoops would be holding a press conference Wednesday, we all knew that Smart was announcing his decision.

But then we found out the press conference would take place in the Student Union. During lunch. Oh, yes, Nash and Brown will also be announcing their intentions.

Then major sources began confirming what we were reading between the lines...

And Cowboy Nation collectively shit themselves.

Now, before I continue, let me say this...I have absolutely no problem with his impending decision. While all players depend on their legs, some need them more than others. Smart's advantage is NOT his wheels. He is a big, strong, guard, and if he can improve his point guard skills he will follow more in the footsteps of Magic. He will still get LOADS of NBA money, and I don't think injury will be a major obstacle.

Now we can move on.

For the first time in school history, the collection of talent on the football field and on the basketball court will likely be considered the best in the Big 12 IN THE SAME YEAR.

Don't get me wrong...having talent and winning a championship are two things separated by a universe. One obviously doesn't equal the other.

But when has OSU STARTED the season in such a position?

Throw into that mix the fact that, in both sports, every other conference contender has major question marks, facing the loss of many key players.

Not necessarily a once in a lifetime opportunity, but can't imagine the Cowboys are going to get many chances better than this in either football or basketball, much less in the same year.

And to think, we thought the next 4 months would be torture BEFORE we found out about Smart (and Brown/Nash).

This will now be agony. Pure and simple.

And I can't wait!