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Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike Gundy has always been a little hard to figure but recently, things have gotten crazy.

Christian Petersen

Things are strange in Stillwater right now. Not many people are talking about it but it's true. Head coach Mike Gundy - you know the guy who has his "DREAM JOB" - has made several moves in the off season that would make even the casual fan say, what the...?? Rememeber when he was flirting with Arkansas and Tennessee? How weird is that? "Hey, I'd really like you to come play football in Stillwater, now excuse me while I flirt with the SEC." Not a good move. And what about the restrictions on quarterback transfer Wes Lunt? I thought Gundy was a players coach? Remember the I'm a Man I'm 40! speech? It was all about sticking up for the kids. But the tune has changed drastically with Lunt. He can't go to the SEC or anywhere with a football pulse really. If he's not good enough to start at Oklahoma State, what are you scared of coach? And then there's Gundy's lack of communication with the media. Is it that hard to throw these folks a bone? Les Miles doesn't have a problem with it. Neither does Saban. So what's the real issue here? Why are there so many questions? Why the secrecy? What is going on in Stillwater?