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20 PREDICTIONS FOR OSU FOOTBALL IN 2013: Big, bold, and likely BS.

Everyone's spitting out 10 & 13 point lists, but we at CRFF believe in excess...maybe even EXCESS here's my 20 useless amateur predictions for Cowboy football for 2013.

Brett Deering

Taking a week for a little R&R, so thought I would leave you some useless shit to debate, or deride, before dropping off the grid. Not adept at the funny ones, so will look for some responses in the comments.

First, the big predictions...

  • OSU wins the Big 12;
  • Wickline's beasts will once again lead the Big 12 in fewest sacks allowed;
  • Justin Gilbert will break the Big 12 career KO return TD's record;
  • OSU won't score less than 35 points in any game;

Let's move on to the bold predictions...
  • Jeremy Smith will not miss a game;
  • Blake Jackson will go "Blackmon"...meaning unstoppable;
  • Lyndell Johnson will be the best safety in the Big 12;
  • OSU's defense won't allow more than 40 points in any game;
  • We will see 2 QB's on the field for the same play at least once;
  • Justin Gilbert will have 2 pick 6's;
  • OSU's defense will lead the Big 12 in most sacks;
  • Ra'Shaad Samples will have the longest run from scrimmage;
  • Ben Grogan will have 2 game winning FG's;
  • OSU will have both the #1 scoring offense and #1 scoring defense in the Big 12;
  • JW Walsh will be THE starter by the time Kansas State comes to Stillwater on 10/5, if not before;

And now for the predictions that are likely BS....
  • The most stressful game of the year will be...Baylor (who am I kidding...will probably be Texas or Bedlam...or maybe Kansas...);
  • OSU will have both the offensive and defensive Big 12 POY;
  • OSU will have the Big 12 wrapped up before Bedlam;
  • Not a single OSU LB will dive at Blake Bell's feet;
And the really stupid prediction...
  • JW Walsh will lead the Big 12 in passing;

That's it for now. Will look forward to your comments.

Just think, my next post will be some kind of preview for a game coming up the following Saturday.