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CRFF INSIDER SCOOP: Confirmations and "twitchiness."

Our anonymous source shared stuff WAY too sensitive to pass along, but there was plenty that confirmed some of the player and coach "speak" we've been hearing.


This is what happens sometimes when someone close to an insider decides to share.

The info is too good. Like REALLY too good. So we have to try and glean out the tidbits that don't give away game plans or burn bridges. That means no QB material. Sorry.

Here we go...

1. The general word on Yurcich has been that he is a great guy and really smart. Our source confirmed that, adding that he is also very willing to think outside the box in order to get his best players on the field.

2. Glidden has received a lot of positive mentions during fall camp, which is confirmed by Yurcich trying to come up with more ways to get him on the field.

3. Ateman has also received some good press, and our source confirms that coaches feel he has been very impressive already and definitely has the potential to be the next Dez Bryant. Look for him to play and contribute this season.

4. As reported, OSU has been very fortunate to escape any major "off the field" or "team rules" related drama. Senior leadership has been extremely strong in this regard.

5. A recent post elsewhere cited freshman RB Rennie Childs as showing some promise. Our source confirmed that, saying Childs has looked really good in practice and appears most likely of the two freshman RB's to contribute this season.

6. Our source's picks for players to watch out for...Glidden, Hays, and Roland on offense; on defense, it's hard to look past Gilbert, but the DL could be special.

7. All the chatter about Samples is in regards to his speed, but our source says the more impressive thing has been his "twitchiness."

8. I know we are all eager to see more aggressive play at times from the DB's, but we may be shocked at how much less room the OSU D gives to opposing receivers in certain moments.

That's about it for now. Hopefully some of the other stuff won't be so sensitive (or secret) after a game or two.