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OKLAHOMA STATE 21, MISSISSIPPI STATE 3: To hell with expectations.

When EVERYONE in the universe thought the game had only two possibilities, the Cowboys went out and won an old fashioned, somewhat sloppy slugfest.

Bob Levey

QB mystery...kinda check.

Wide receiver dominance...ehhhh.

The two things we thought were pretty much a given were,  well,  not exactly what we thought they would be.

Instead,  when every single person in the entire sports world predicted that the Cowboys would have a tough time dealing with the Bulldogs physical play and Mississippi State would have a hard time dealing with OSU's passing game,  we got to watch just the opposite.

Oklahoma State,  after an extremely slow start, decided to jump on the back of the only thing that was working for the offense...JW's legs.

After Chelf looked  honestly out of whack on the first two drives,  drilling a screen pass attempt into the ground and thanking Ateman for breaking up a SURE interception, we watched as Walsh didn't fair any better with REALLY suspect play calling for the next couple of drives.

But when Walsh came out for his THIRD straight possession, the dye was cast, and pretty soon JW would put us a little more at ease. He directed a TD drive where he channeled Justin Blackmon...pretty much every successful play, including the TD, were a product of his legs.

The Bulldogs cooperated with some poorly timed penalties and mysteriously odd play calling, which almost resulted in a freebie 3 pts if not for a block and almost return for a score by MSU.

Will have a lot more to say about this for the morning, but let's just admit now that we NEVER saw this one coming...OSU physically battered a middle of the road, but recognized as physical, SEC team on both sides of the ball.

The defense was OBVIOUSLY different from last season. How many of you, including me, were not so sure after that first drive?

For the moment, that question has been answered.

There are some other issues that will be discussed, but for now let's put this to bed and be REALLY happy that Gundy was in charge of the next two games on the schedule.

Talk to you guys tomorrow.