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Artrell Woods in Translation

Former Oklahoma State player Artrell Woods, who has been heavily quoted thus far in the Sports Illustrated series, put out a few posts this morning that might be hard to understand. Luckily, the CRFF translation team has been hard at work. Here's what he really means...

Brett Deering
All I know is that all you people need to please keep my name out of your mouth. Like rapper Ludacris said, I really don't care who got paid what or from who. I really don't know much about who got paid what and from who. What I do know is, I broke my spine for these guys and was paralyzed and they wouldn't even make sure I finished my degree. So please send me money. I'm talking to everyone associated or affiliated with Oklahoma State University, who stinks by the way. If you don't like me, get off my page. Fair enough, snitch.