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I said something has got to give, and boy did it ever, as ESPN's Brett McMurphy (an OSU alum) discovered documentation that blew one of SI's key informants out of the water.

Let the floodgates of national criticism open wide.

No more is OSU alone in their rebuttal of Sports Illustrated's 5 part series attempting to paint the University as willing to do about anything, allow about anything, in order to have a winning football team.

We cried foul as SI failed to produce one scrap of hard evidence to corroborate their informants' stories. They needed that because the informants were recanting like rats bailing out of a sinking ship. No records, no interview recordings or transcripts.

The irony is ridiculous...

Over 10 months an OU homer helps pen a series against a team that he openly despises, sharing not one legit piece of evidence other than interviews, and is undone by an OSU alum who in two days obtained the simplest of documents...a college transcript...did a little research on that document, then completely refuted the story of one of the key informants.


This is what you get, SI, for hiring Thayer Evans. George Dohrmann, your Pulitzer doesn't mean anything now. Somebody on Twitter made this general statement, but I don't remember who...

Sports Illustrated has become the "tabloid" of sports journalism.

Kyle at Pistols Firing said it best...."We're done here." Unless of course SI pulls a monumental smoking gun out of the hat.

My brother stated the situation pretty well, "SI is caught in the whirpool of the drain." They can't retract, as that would be admission, so they have to continue with the series, even though it has now become a national joke, not just an Oklahoma State joke.

I'm not the type of person to wish bad things on people. Kind of a karma thing for me. But whatever happens with the employment status of Thayer Evans and the reputation of George Dohrmann is all on them. Thayer allowed his obsession with saying bad things about OSU to lead him, George, and SI down a really bad path, and George and the magazine showed extremely poor judgement in following along.

I almost don't care about the rest of the series (of course I'll read it!). Unless there is a surprise waiting, I won't have much to say.

Let's talk football.